A podcast dedicated to exploring the meaning of concert music in today’s world through conversations with its leading artists. Hosted by Carlos Miguel Prieto & Raúl Gómez, SoundPost is a production of The Orchestra of the Americas Group.
Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma shares his morning ritual along with a renewed vision for the performing arts in society.

Alexandra Soumm

Alexandra Soumm

French-Russian concert violinist Alexandra Soumm shares her penchant for poetry, and the inspiration of MLK Jr.

Elisa Vegas

Young Global Leader of The World Economic Forum, conductor Elisa Vegas shares a powerful message for fellow women in the field and her homeland of Venezuela.

Johnny Gandelsman

Grammy-winning violinist and producer Johnny Gandelsman shares his journeys with The Silkroad Ensemble, Brooklyn Rider & Bach.

Fernando meza

Fernando Meza

Costa Rican percussionist Fernando Meza talks Latin rhythm and recording The Lion King.

Gil Shaham

Violin legend Gil Shaham looks back on The Canterbury Tales, flying the Concord, and family life.

Leone Buyse

Former Boston Symphony Principal Leone Buyse shares her love of flute and the dark side of the moon.

Gabriela Ortiz

Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz reveals secrets of mambo and a passion for Cri-Cri.

Dominic Seldis

The Royal Concertgebouw’s Dominic Seldis contemplates life at home and a presidential run.

Javier Gándara

The MET Opera’s Javier Gándara discusses skate parks and the future of live performance.

Gabriela Montero

Gabriela Montero inspires audiences to sing and artists to act.

Paquito D’Rivera

Latin Jazz icon Paquito D’Rivera reflects on pillow fights and the universal language of music.